Windtex Vagotex SpA is a company that since its establishment in 1980 has offered quality service and products to its customers.

For this reason, since many years, offers alongside its products and processes,
Certifications from third parties that certify the quality of its products

ISO 9001

Windtex Vagotex SpA has been ISO 9001 certified since January 21st 2000. ISO 9001 is a certification that ensures that the company has adopted management systems that guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes. All always aimed towards a constant improvement and above all customer satisfaction.


Oeko-Tex, standard 100

Windtex Vagotex SpA also possesses the prestigious Oeko-Tex product certification, standard 100. The Oeko-Tex certification verifies and certifies that the products supplied to the customer do not contain substances that are dangerous for the user and that may be a risk to human health. For this reason, Oeko-Tex products are rigorously tested to check that no harmful substances are present. Product limit thresholds are annually reviewed and stringent limits are highly imposed.


Windtex Vagotex SpA offers certified products both for the sale of its own items as also for subcontracting, for more information regarding certified products, please contact the staff.

Global Recycled Standard

Windtex Vagotex SpA has always been careful towards environment in which we live and is always looking for innovative and performing solutions to meet the needs of its customers. For this reason, we have decided to create a GRS certified collection in order to offer quality and performing, but above all sustainable items. GRS certification guarantees that the products supplied contain an important percentage of recycled fibers in polyester or polyamide. The GRS certification also guarantees the complete traceability of the recycled product throughout the supply chain so guarantee the final consumer a real recycled garment.


GRS certification does not simply look at the finished product but embraces broader principles by verifying that production takes place in compliance with the regulations of environmental management, safety in the workplace and stringent ethical criteria.