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Vagotex offers lamination services and coatings for all needs:


  • adaptive: hydrophilic temperature-regulating finishing for sportswear, biking bottoms, shoe linings
  • antibacterial: antibacterial finishing (aegis, sanitised, pure) for clothing and protective garments for work/medical purposes
  • ecobarrier: water-repellent finishing, fluoride-free, for environmentally compatible sportswear
  • hole: hole drilling for foams and couplings for biking bottoms and products for thermoforming
  • idro m: water/oil repellent resin coating for military uniforms and workwear
  • wr:  c6 water/oil repellent foulard finishing for fashion and sportswear
  • wr for lamination: double passing for membrane lamination
  • tek: lamination by dots in reactive polyurethane for fashion wear and membranes application
  • tek 2: lamination by dots, hot melt technique, for clothing, shoes, military apparel and workwear
  • tek ignifugo (fireproof): lamination by dots in FR polyurethane for FR and aramidic bondings
  • breathing tek traspirante (breathing): lamination by dots in breathable polyurethane for military tenders and workwear