Leading company in the sector of coupling and lamination of high-quality fabrics

An Italian company that innovates, creates and offers solutions.

An exceptional team that can offers a full range of services dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality technical fabrics.

A history of passion

Vagotex was founded in 1980 at Vago di Lavagno, where ten operators of the shoe manufacturing sector, guided by Ferdinando Fiorio, decided to put their knowledge to good use and create a company.

The skills each of they possessed made the company grow towards success.

The invention of Windtex, the first breathing and waterproof membrane that is also elastic, in the 90’s, was a milestone in the sector, changing the way outdoor athletes dressed, making their garments more comfortable and with better performance.

Today Vagotex is surely one of the companies with the most complete range of products in the coupling sector.

Our mission is a dynamic spirit

Our wish to renew ourselves and of keeping in step with the market has always been at the foundation of our company’s philosophy. Our efforts have always been directed towards service and innovation, with particular concern for the quality and functionality of our products. With a dynamic, positive attitude, we work to align ourselves with the needs of whoever is searching for high-performing technical fabrics. Aware of the importance of sports as well as of the demands of the world of fashion, shoes and every innovative textile sector, our goal is to create and refine the technical quality of our materials in order to adapt them to all kinds of requests.

Unique skills and expertise

Italian tradition has always been known for the art of working with talent, inspiration and passion; laboratory art. This is how Italian textile was born and became famous throughout the world. Aware of this historical heritage, Vagotex persevered with the same operative spirit and unchanged passion. These values guide us in our search for the best resources, employees, tools, methods and processes that can innovate, create value and bring evolution to the world of textiles. For every service of coupling and lamination, the best companies choose Vagotex for its spirit and production capacities we are honoured to offer them.

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Managing Director
Betty Gaspari

Experience in the textile sector; surprising know-how and skills. 100% pure passion. Gladly takes up challenges for any special project.

Quality Manager
Daniele Bellomi

Dedication to innovation and love for experimentation. Familiar with the secrets of all threads and materials, which he wisely combines to achieve maximum technical performances.

HR & Marketing Manager
Donatella Gaspari

Inspiration, dedication and sophisticated skills at the service of a strongly growing department. Pours her heart into everything she does, to release maximum expressiveness.

Plant Manager
Dario Antoniazzi

Pragmatic, reliable and a skilled problem-solver, he guides the 24 production plants with great entrepreneur spirit. A team leader deeply rooted in solid human values.