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Vagotex supplies a wide range of coupling services.


  • latex coupling: latex coupling loaded for the manufacturing of reinforcements for shoes
  • solvent resin coupling: coupling for neoprene used for accessories in the sports and protection sectors
  • resin coupling: coupling mostly used for shoe fabrics
  • flame with polyether: flame coupling with polyether for products dedicated to shoes and form-filling
  • flame coupling: coupling with flame-laminating foams for shoes, bottoms and fashion accessories
  • drop: breathing anti-wind for sportswear
  • soft drop: soft breathing anti-wind suitable for sublimation printing, for sportswear (soft shell)
  • drop plus: full coupling with raw-edge sealing for tapes, accessories and industrial use
  • drop silver: silver-coloured breathing anti-wind for sportswear and fashion
  • format: non-breathing coupling for shoe tops and fashion clothes
  • format ptc: dye-ready coupling for fashionable clothes (on a cotton and polyamide base)
  • thermal film coupling: coupling with heat-adhesive film for several industrial applications