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The creation and development of innovative technological Windtex® membranes for clothes has allowed Vagotex to offer a surprising range of technical-sports products that are continually evolving, and to make its Windtex® products achieve unbelievable results.


This is how the Storm Shield, Ventflex, Windtex Shield and Raintex brands were born, out of a corporate philosophy built in harmony with the values of sports and which have turned Vagotex into a leader in the sector of coupled fabrics for technical sportswear.


The strong assets of Windtex-Vagotex are the “field tests”, where “testing” athletes wear these products in absurdly varied conditions, to make them face wind, rain and polar temperatures, providing us with their own indications to develop increasingly performing products.


Thanks to constant research, Windtex® coupled fabrics have become a veritable reference in the world of sports such as cycling, running, mountain climbing, skiing and any other activity in which sportswear can influence performance.