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Vagotex supplies lamination, coatings and resin applications on fabrics with the purpose of fully complying with the technical requisites of regulations.
The study of these products is carried out by our own laboratory, in cooperation with the manufacturer of fabrics or the garment manufacturer. Our ISO 9001 certification and our presence in the list of habitual suppliers of government departments allow us to participate in public tenders in partnership with fabric makers and garment manufacturers.

Military technical fabrics are used to make uniforms, equipment for bivouacs, tents and all kinds of fabric for military purposes, combining lightness, resistance, watertightness, breathability and insulation to face extreme environments and situations (mountain, sea etc).

Our fabrics are conceived for specific uses, dedicated to pilots, soldiers deployed on sea missions, mountain troops, special forces operating in extreme conditions (jungle, desert, polar climates).

All military technical fabrics can be used for multi-purpose uses or specific uses, and can be laminated with matching coloured membranes or made in different thicknesses, according to the commissioner’s specifications.