Heat and Self Adhesives

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Our wide range of Heat- and Self-adhesives includes:


  • self-adhesive with polythene and/or paper: application of self-adhesive with polythene or silicone paper with acrylic base, used for bottoms and products for thermoforming or for padding.
  • hot melt self-adhesive with paper: application of self-adhesive with hot melt equipment, used as positioning self-adhesive for the industrial sector, shoes and accessories
  • termodots: application of heat-adhesive points, available in different meshes, for the application of film on leather, full-fashioned and seamless knitwear, products for the industrial sector
  • termoforte one time: heat-adhesive coating, without reactivation, for biking bottoms and industrial working
  • termospecial: heat-adhesive coating for shoe products and the industrial sector
  • termospecial hot melt: hot melt heat-adhesive for shoe products and the industrial sector
  • thermospray: application of heat-adhesive powder for shoe products, biking bottoms, workings of the automobile and industrial sectors Available in different compositions and weight, according to intended use.
  • anti-fraying: acrylic- or polyurethane-based resin with anti-fraying properties
  • latex: resin coat with natural latex