Coupling of fabrics of every kind and type.
You can count on Vagotex.

Innovation, competence, a variety of solutions. With our dedicated consultancy.
Full Offer

A full range of membranes for the coupling of fabrics with excellent technical performance.
For all sectors and necessities.
More than just products: solutions.

Sustainability and Development

Our mission is to accompany our partners in order to fully respond to their requests. Offering something more.
The spirit of innovation we are known for.

Quality Process

Production lines 100% made in Italy.
Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
With the guarantee of Vagotex’s know-how and experience.
An integrated quality process.

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Product lines

Do you have a specific demand in mind?
Send us your project of fabric coupling!

Vagotex’s potentialities are waiting to be discovered, in many different sectors.
The range of membranes with excellent technical characteristics makes it possible to imagine and create
completely innovative products to renew your production.

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Fabric Coupling and Laminating for High-Quality Products

A reliable partner for high-value products

Innovation, Competence, Skill.

You can count on Vagotex.

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