Versatility of Vagotex product lines


We make stretch fabrics that are resistant and waterproof, with anti-stain treatment for outdoor furnishing, adding value in terms of design and performance.


We produce inner and outer fabrics for countless everyday objects: purses, gloves, neoprene phone cases, protective masks, cases, luggage, belts and much more.



We specialise in padding for car seats, using exceptionally resistant heat-adhesives that are extremely versatile.


Range of roof membranes for insulation, sound-absorbing compounds, fabrics with heat insulation properties, impermeabilisation, resistance, duration.

Technological fabrics

Vagotex offers solutions on several technical fabrics, like the application of film for sails, fireproofing fabrics for theatre, protection of electric material, lighted panels, fireproof panels for shipyards and much more.


We accurately manufacture products destined to use in orthopaedics, padded, with Velcro and elasticised for physical therapy.